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TWIPTerminal Weather Information for Pilots (air traffic management)
TWIPThe World in Photos (website)
TWIPTwinning-Induced Plasticity Steel
TWIPTwenty in Point
TWIPThis Week in Petroleum (US Department of Energy)
TWIPThe Week in Politics
TWIPTwentieth of a Point (typographical/layout measurement)
TWIPTake What Insurance Pays (medical bills)
TWIPThe Week in Preview (news)
TWIPTerminal Weather Information Processor
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reported [17] that the increase of deformation temperature of the Fe-0.6C-18Mn-1Al TWIP steel caused a decrease of yield strength, ultimate tensile strength, and total and uniform elongation.
Within 5 days of the close of the reference week, weekly data are made available to the public on the EIA's internet web site ( through the WPSR and TWIP. Since 2002, TWIP has provided analysis, data, and charts of the latest weekly petroleum supply and price data.
Tsuji, "Effect of grain refinement on hydrogen embrittlement behaviors of high-Mn TWIP steel," Materials Science and Engineering A, vol.
FSV BEV STEEL TYPES as % of Body Structure HSLA 450, BH 340,400 -32.7% DP 500, 500 -11.8% DP BOO -9.5% DP 1000 -10% TRIP 980 -9.5% TWIP 980 -2.3% CP 1000-1470 -9.3% MS 1200 -1.3% HF 1500 -11.1% Mild Steels -2.6% Unlike years past when steel was the unopposed material leader in the auto industry, alternative material options, rising energy prices and government mandates have forced steel makers to invent new grades and types of steel to keep up.
Since 2002, This Week in Petroleum (TWIP) has provided analysis, data, and charts of the latest weekly petroleum supply and price data.
The second-generation concerns changing the deformation mechanism into twinning in Twinning-Induced Plasticity (TWIP) steel.
The WPSR and TWIP are available electronically 5 days after the close of the reference week (excluding holiday weeks).
For TWIP steels, it would need to be adjusted to other values.