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TWIPSTwenty Units per Pixel
TWIPSTechnology Watch and Innovation Protection System
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The team led by Professor Tim Leighton from the University's Institute of Sound and Vibration Research developed a new radar system that is based on his unique sonar concept called twin inverted pulse sonar (TWIPS).
But he said his idea would stop "the Twips" - a nickname he has devised standing for "the two per cent of ineffective parents".
Points along the water jet have been marked and their coordinates (shown in this case in "twips" in the window on the right) can be exported to a spreadsheet, where the quadratic of best fit can be found automatically or manually.
Three scores were selected for analysis; time per hit omitting time on errors (secs), distance travelled per hit, omitting distance travelled to errors (a measure of search efficiency measured in twips, a visual basic measure with 1440 twips per inch, which was divided by 100 for present purposes) and false alarms (responses to non-targets or background and repetitions on already located targets).
The sampling rate was approximately 60 Hz, and coordinates were measured in twips (a screen measure equivalent to 17.6 micrometers) with a granularity of 12 twips.