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TWIRPThe Woman Is Requested To Pay
TWIRPTwo-Way Infrared Protocol (wireless technology)
TWIRPThe Woman Is Required to Pay
TWIRPTotal Weirdness in Real People
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A better solution would be to change the specifications of twitch to meet the commonly accepted parameters of this grade of aluminum and then come up with a totally new 'codeword' for the 'longthrow' type of fragmentized aluminum.' (Goodman recommended something that would make sense in ISRI's alphabetical characterization, such as "twirp" or "twit.") Keeping up with such distinctions requires an ongoing effort for scrap recyclers using separation technology to prepare grades for consuming foundries and mills around the world.
The Random House Dictionary of the English Language has these suggestions for new "code words": Tweedle, Twain, Twang, Tweak (an okay choice), Tween, Tweeze, Twerp, Twirp (my personal favorite), Twiddle, Twig, Twill, Twist, Twit (a close second for me), Twirl, Twin and Twink.
Inter N&S Cham F&W Grif awards x x x x x awarer x awmrie x dwarfs x x x x x Owerby x qwerty x x swaraj x x x swards x x x x swardy x x Swarga x swarms x x x x x swerve x x swarth x x x swarty x x x Swerga x swerve x x x x x swirls x x x x swirly x x x x swirlz x swords x x x x x twerps x x x x twirls x x x x twirly x x x twirps x x x Owerby and swirlz are not even on the extended list of 106 words; the latter may well be a typo.