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TWISThis Week In Science (UC Davis radio show)
TWISTennessee Web Immunization System (Tennessee Department of Health; Nashville, TN)
TWISThat's What I Said
TWISTourism With Integrated System (Italy)
TWISThis Week in Sarasota (calendar website; Florida)
TWISTactical WWMCC Information System
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In October, the Reserve Bank announced changes to the construction of its TWI. Those changes were implemented on 17 December 2014.
One approach is the use of high resolution DEMs and the spatial variability of a simulated TWI, which has been the basis of a suite of hydrological models (Quinn et al.
Because women and persons from historically marginalized racial and ethnic groups are most likely to lack available role models who reflect their personal experiences at TWIs, peer mentoring has emerged as a critical source of support (Bussey-Jones et al., 2006).
Black colleges were not only created to provide an education to Blacks when racial segregation prevented them from attending TWIs, but these institutions had an additional mission of racial uplift.
"That li'l Georgie May, that was 'er name--yeah, Georgie May!--had a twis' that'd break a sand hog's back!"
The role of the student affairs division at TWIs should include the embodiment and promotion of a campus-wide multicultural agenda.
Brands: Combos, Dove, Kal Ken, Kudos, M&Ms, Mars, Milky Way, Pedigree, Sheha, Snickers, Sterbarot Twis, Uncle Bees, Whiska
As an abstract, Manichean conflict between Good and Evil, light and dark, redemption and perdition, the Great War fed on each combatant's exaggerated national self-image, twis ted caricature of the enemy, inflated meaning of the war, and unlimited promises for the outcome of the battle.
Oh, we would have been appalled to see how treacherously you thrust in your head!" But the narrator, using paradiastole, has redescribed his behaviour, putting it in a positive light according to his twis ted values and assuming that his audience would be persuaded to adopt those values also.
He would have paused at the long twis ting ramp (Piranesi in fibreglass) that followed but, a dogged man, would have shunned the lift and tramped onwards to enter the Sacker Galleries, casting a sceptical glance at the row of neo-classical statues outside.
Thus Isaac Fukuo admonishes the PCG that "the Presbyterian Church of Ghana is no longer a monopoly of the Twis and the Gas."(17) This perspective calls for new reflections on administrative, liturgical, and financial structures of the church.
Fortunately most of the words can be easily discerned: for example, "harbel" for "horrible," "teckernogical progers" for "technological progress," "Chaynjis" for "changes." But there are moments when the reader will have to look up words in the glossary: for example, "arga warga" onomatopoeia for "gobbling up," "Belnot Phist" for "Nobel Physicist," "poasym" for "symposium," "catwl twis" for "catalyst," "Istoan" for "Einstein." Sex becomes "doin the juicy."