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TWISTERTwinmos Speed Memory Terrific
TWISTERTennessee Women in Science Technology Engineering and Research
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In response to Uson's defense that her posting of the questioned photo was an act of 'symbolism,' Mo Twister poked fun at her claim with his own sarcastic take on the concept of symbolism.
Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, doggies, kitties and mousies: Welcome to the grand Tongue Twister Tournament
The KFC wrap joins the chains other Twister menu items, which include the Sweet Chili Twister, Regular Twister, BLT Twister, Chicken Salad Twister, Chicken Caesar Twister and Spicy Hot Twister.
TF 10 Two-for-one twister by Zhejiang RIFA Textile Machinery Co.
Twisters are formed when warm, moist air masses meet with cool air, creating instability in the atmosphere.
Consumers in 2014 made it clear: they love how effective SPA Formula is at removing stubborn nail color, and the introduction of Twister to our product lineup was a natural fit," says Barbara Hershfelt, director of sales and marketing for Cutex Brands, based in Festus, Mo.
Twister openes branches at Y or T connections that have been temporarily obstructed in the installation of new lining.
In the showroom, the twister is a polarising force that draws visitors into the middle of the exhibition and makes them, together with all the high-end light objects, completely forget gravity.
I was caught in a twister in Namibia three years ago, which was unreal but I never expected to see one in my own home town.
the twister walks the bloodstream, its high whine is cortex and all
Twister, who is the only bat-detecting dog in the UK, will be key to future research about the creatures following anecdotal evidence of bat deaths associated with wind farms and single wind turbines.
A strong twister blown up a house in United States city of Campell.