TWITTThe Wing Is the Thing (aviation organization)
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Another week, another amusing descent into social media chaos.This time courtesy of Etisalat.The hashtag hijacking of its 'Etisalat Challenge' provided, if nothing else, a steady stream of amusement."The #EtisalatChallenge is like a kid who gets C+ grades bragging that he's first in a class of two," wrote onejokester on Twitt e r .here are two kinds of hashtags in this world.Those that trend for the right reasons, and #EtisalatChallenge," tweeted Noman Ali."Hi @ etisalat, you do realize that you're one of only two telecom companies in the #UAE right?
[beaucoup moins que]De la bande dessinee au blog, du roman au twitt, du darija au francais, de nouvelles ecritures et de nouvelles sociabilites humaines et numeriques se creent. or follow on Facebook - Whitehouse Farm or on TwitT - ter @MorpethMeerkat Party Palz Hire one of our legendary characters for
At least the Prince of Denmark didn't have TWITT -ter.
The researchers offer a new model called TWITT (Training Web Interaction and Translation Technologies) in which "the students use different ICTs to collaborate with each other by sharing materials, information and knowledge with the aim to get pedagogical and social benefits during the course" (para.
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One of the hackers, who goes by "@pod2g" on Twitt wrote that they had found two "new vulnerabilities in a day," but what's missing is an "initial code execution" for a public jailbreak.
TWITT: Gary Deegan fell foul of Twitter and was fined by the club.