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TWIXTaiwan Internet Exchange (Taipei, Taiwan)
TWIXTrans World Internet Exchange (Rockville, MD)
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"Marse Tom, I nussed you when you was a little baby, en I raised you all by myself tell you was 'most a young man; en now you is young en rich, en I is po' en gitt'n ole, en I come heah b'leavin' dat you would he'p de ole mammy 'long down de little road dat's lef' 'twix' her en de grave, en--"
The Mars flavour is returning for the first time since 2016 and the Twix one first appeared in February this year and proved to be such a fan favourite that it's being brought back for a second run.
Twix Triple Chocolate Ice Cream Bars are described as an ode to the brand's latest creation, the Twix Triple Chocolate Cookie Bar.
Officers said they pulled alongside him to discover him enjoying the Twix McFlurry at the wheel.
Lidl's Caramel & Biscuit bar was second to Twix after being deemed less crunchy than the original version.
Today is the culmination of a two-week 'CreateAthon', which includes pitching a new idea to the brand owner Mars as part of the "left Twix, right Twix" campaign.
Other winners across the UK won 365 Twix bars, 365 Freddo bars and 52 boxes of Coco Pops.
It's a Twinkie -- stuffed with a Twix candy bar -- wrapped in bacon -- deep-fried -- and drizzled with chocolate-caramel sauce.
two + six = so twix' (EIGHT is twixt seven and nine)