TWLOHATo Write Love on Her Arms (Cocoa, FL)
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The supporter conference was born out of frequent questions TWLOHA has received from individuals seeking ways to make a difference in their communities.
TWLOHA drew 5,000 new Instagram followers with the campaign and the #Tomorrow15 hashtag drew 6,500 associated posts.
TWLOHA is not the only organization where pictures are used to tell a story or promote a campaign.
Through donations and the sale of merchandise, TWLOHA was able to raise $75,000 to fund various counseling and treatment channels through the campaign, Tworkowski said.
Both FB and TWLOHA are featured on Tumblr's Charities and Nonprofits Spotlight, which Youngblood said has "been a huge help" in growing the number of TWLOHA's followers.
We are hoping it's more of a conversation and a friendship," he said of the artists who support and advocate for TWLOHA.
TWLOHA takes part in more than 200 music-related events each year.