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TWOCTaken Without Owner's Consent (UK theft)
TWOCTrial Without Catheter
TWOCTermination without Cause (employment)
TWOCThe Woodlands Operating Company (Texas)
TWOCTextile Workers Organizing Committee (Congress of Industrial Organizations)
TWOCTrinity World Outreach Center (Louisville, KY)
TWOCTraining Wing Operations Center
TWOCThe Western Orthodox Church
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He has convictions for TWOC, vehicle interference and vehicle damage and is a close pal of Thomas and Christopher Dale.
In Gateshead, the Gateshead East and Felling area was a hotspot for both TWOC (153 reports) and theft from motor vehicle (450 reports).
I got arrested for TWOC - at the time I thought it was clever.
Mr Walton added: "We are also looking at dangerous manoeuvres, not wearing a seat belt and TWOC.
The latest figures from Northumbria Police have recorded a total of 739 thefts from vehicles and 374 thefts and TWOC (taking a vehicle without the owner's consent) in Newcastle West area command, between January and October, which includes Benwell.
Let the TWOCs have it as the 'turning point' in the trans movement, and let gay men and lesbians find their own riot.
English's 73 convictions include two aggravated vehicle taking, three TWOCs, and more than 30 burglaries.
Last year, the district recorded a 28pc rise in TWOCs - from 694 in April 2003 to 887 in January - and a 15pc increase in theft from vehicles from 1,169 to 1,340 during the same period.