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TWOMThe Wake of Magellan (concept album by Savatage)
TWOMThe World of Miniatures (Switzerland)
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Jailing him for six months after he admitted dangerous driving and a public order offence, Recorder Richard Twom low told him: "You were abusive towards a lady driver and what followed was an appalling piece of dangerous driving which put the lives of innocent people at risk."
ACKLAM remain second in Division Twom despite losing to Winlaton Vulcans, while GUISBOROUGH were pipped 14-13 at Houghton.
(middle-aged male) Second, participants agreed that the teaching and practice of Sier Twom (the Sakha's ancient belief system, based on respect for nature and fellow humans, and on love and stewardship of the birthland) was the best route to sustainability.
They cited many examples of this knowledge, including information pertaining to horse and cattle husbandry; haying techniques; Sier Twom; nature protection and stewardship; medicinal plant use and other healing practices; clothing and textile manufacturing; hunting, fishing, and foraging practices; the building of utilitarian wooden structures and objects, including fences, houses, barns, and an array of other outbuildings used for subsistence horse and cattle-husbandry, as well as serge (horse-hitching posts which also have a spiritual function), chorons (ceremonial wooden chalices), and other containers; "country food" production (including uses of all animal parts and a wide array of milk foods); weather forecasting; and a love of work and occupation.
On the final exam these included bivariate categorical relationships (CTABS), and the hypothesis test for the difference of two independent means (TWOM).
Examination of effect sizes (Cohen's d) indicates that a practically significant difference (approximately one-half standard deviation or more) between the two groups was achieved for all except the TWOM mini-test.
(Coincidentally, the probationary minister in charge of this district, Twom Barima-K, was the student who received textbooks from Rod Lamb.)
In 2013, United and United Express carried more passenger traffic than any other airline in the world and operated nearly twom flights carrying 139m customers.
Twom inutesofUS fame US-BASEDc olleagueDan Farley's pre-Derbyblogontheparlousstateof racingin Kentuckywasa reminder glass-nearly-emptymerchants of doommaybedoingthesportin Britainadisservice.
Corendon Airlines flies to 35 countries and 128 airports around the world, serving approximately twom travelers annually with its Boeing 737 aircraft fleet.