TWOOThe Wizard of Oz (movie)
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The reasons for graft failure were: new trauma in two cases (although one patient participated a forbidden competition three months postoperatively) and too anterior femoral tunnel also in twoo cases (Figure 3).
Jordan Molloy, 20, of Washington, with his brand of clothing Twoo Clothing, also pictured with his dad Darren Molloy.
The report by dating site said that both men and women would choose an attractive face over a great body with the most important features being eyes and the smile.
(68) Senior Barbarisme in 1 The Return from Parnassus, ll.360, promises 'liberalitie', but Ingenioso reports he gives him 'twoo leane faces ...
The 36 small fissures detected on the plane were different from the so-called Otype twoO cracks that sparked the European regulatorOs order, but similar to cracking traced to manufacturing defects previously detected in a separate Qantas A380, the Nancy Bird Walton, Woodward said.
From now until January 2012, the lodge is offering a OStay for three nights, pay for twoO deal, including a full-day excursion into the Masai Mara.
Ta-wit twoo: the Cuerdon Owls will have their eyes on you at the Southport Town & Country Fair This year's event features a host of new attractions, but topping-the-bill ...
UGU, an evil shoemaker (the third column MAUD of the rectangle at right, containing his GAGE wife's full name, spells UGU--coincidence?) BAUM WOOT, the protagonist of the Tin Woodman of Oz (the book's title has the acronym TWOO; move T from front to back to get WOOT)
TSITS A spell to make glass disappear and chessmen to come alive TPPOH A spell to make oneself invisible and to speak with dragons HPATPS A spell to make it winter but never Christmas PP A spell to attract undesirable rodents and small children CCBB A spell to make a part of the body grow to enormous size TH A spell to make a vehicle of the land travel by sea and by air TWOO A spell to make the fruits of the tree and the creatures of the earth grow to enormous size JATGP A spell to make stone grip steel--or not.