TWSATransparent Watercolor Society of America (Illinois, USA)
TWSATaiwanese Student Association (various locations)
TWSATuckaseigee Water and Sewer Authority (Sylva, NC)
TWSATreated Waste Storage Area (environmental restoration)
TWSAThat's What She Asked
TWSATexas Water Safety Act
TWSATwo-Wire Spiral Antenna
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Special aims include (i) quantifying the change rate of TWSA in the entire ANC and the three subregions during the past decade, (ii) examining the variabilities in TWS components on multiple time scales, and (iii) investigating potential factors affecting hydrological variabilities.
The final monthly TWSA was gridded to 0.1[degrees] by 0.1[degrees].
We compared the produced TWSA time series with three standard monthly gridded GRACE TWSA products from CSR, GFZ, and JPL, all based on RL05 spherical harmonics (Figure 2).
The three different loading values applied by the TWSA in the present study (80, 100 and 110 kN) comply with the current legislation.
Table 6 presents, through an average percentage calculated with the hundred most economical sets, the effect caused by the change of binders on the assessed [N.sub.FATIGUE] value for each of the loadings applied by the TWSA.
The SBS polymer modified binder also had better results than the conventional one, surpassing the 60% increase in the [N.sub.FATIGUE] value when the loading applied by the TWSA was 80 kN.
(19) The subpoenas to these three parties sought documents and testimony concerning the TWSA, its assets, the legal disputes concerning ownership of the assets of TWSA, and any assistance DeJordy had provided the Tribe in those disputes with Alltel or Verizon.
Alltel alleged specifically that DeJordy had assisted the Tribe in preparing a suit in Oglala Sioux Tribal Court court enjoining Alltel, upon its merger with Verizon Wireless, from divesting itself of the TWSA assets installed on the reservation by sale to AT&T, and that DeJordy had represented himself to Verizon Wireless as the Tribe's attorney in seeking the surrender of those assets to the Tribe.
"If nobody sent TWSA an engraved invitation to streetscape discussions, that's unfortunate.
Only hours after that issue rolled off the press, a TWSA spokesman announced that the 75-year-old main would be replaced, with work beginning immediately.
Furthermore, the river discharge and precipitation data in the subbasins were investigated, which might directly reflect the changes of TWSA in the TRB during the period of 2002-2015.
The GRACE and GLDAS data were applied to detect the spatiotemporal distribution of TWSA. In addition, the precipitation, river discharge, and climate indices were used to investigate the potential factors for the changes of TWSA.