TWSCTwo-Way Stop-Controll (roadway intersection)
TWSCTenants’ and Workers’ Support Committee
TWSCTaiwan Water Supply Corporation (Taichung City, Taiwan)
TWSCThames World Sculling Challenge (est. 1831; UK)
TWSCTheale Water Ski Club (UK)
TWSCTrilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation (Denmark, Germany and Netherlands)
TWSCThe World's Slowest Comeback (band)
TWSCTotal Weighted Square Correlation
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In fact, the TWSC concept on the Series portrayed the historical events even more dramatically by describing the 1987 Constitution as the most valuable legacy of EDSA ("pinamahalagang pamana ng EDSA") and that despite the fact that the members were not elected but merely chosen by President Corazon Aquino, they produced a framework for governance that ushered for the present and future generations a democratic society that would function under the rule of law, anchored on truth, justice, freedom, love, equality, and peace.
The GRACE detects the variation of the Earth's global gravity field which is mainly due to land TWSC, such as ice masses (e.g., polar ice sheets, alpine glaciers, and ice caps) and other geophysical signals (e.g., postglacial rebound and deformation caused by earthquakes) [22, 23].
In this study, gravity information retrieved from GRACE satellites was used to assess monthly TWSC during 2003 to 2010 in the Tien Shan and Qi Lian Mountains.
The ACF method was proposed by Gleue and was used by Brilon and Wu [5, 15] to analyze the capacity of two-way stop-controlled (TWSC) and all-way stop-controlled (AWSC) intersections.
Incorporating the Latino labour force in the discussion beyond the single page devoted to TWSC might actually have strengthened the larger analysis about globalization in Virginia's new economy.
The difference between the standard slot die coating and TWSC is that the slot die is positioned against a rigid backing roller for the former, whereas the slot die is positioned against a freely moving substrate for the latter.
Contrary to the fast development of TWSC in coating industry, the fundamental research works published in open literature are relatively rare.
With TWSC's encouragement, the women moved from problem identification to analysis and strategies that could lead to positive change.
We observed driver-yielding behavior at three sites: (a) a single-lane roundabout in a residential area of Tampa, Florida, (b) a two-lane midblock crosswalk on the campus of Western Michigan University (WMU) in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and (c) the TWSC intersection of an uncontrolled two-lane road and a two-lane, stop-sign-controlled residential street near downtown Kalamazoo.
Mr Edwards, TWSC's managing director, said: 'They will be aimed at the owners of all manner of yachts, from the small husband and wife touring boats to the super yachts owned by the very wealthy.
Studies on TWSC in open literature are relatively rare.
Recently, a new coating technique called TWSC was invented.