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TWTATraveling Wave Tube Amplifier
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SCATSAT's OSCAT-2 instrument has been built from the same designs as OSCAT and incorporates spare TWTAs built for the earlier mission, although the digital processing system behind the instrument has been redesigned to take advantage of improvements in technology since the original instrument was constructed.
The developed SIW equalizer can serve as a building block in the design of small size, highly integrated microwave and millimeter wave TWTA.
The company said the order is for integration of Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTAs) and is valued at approximately USD7.0m .
In the proposed model aircraft uplink transmitter amplifier and the satellite transponder are amplifying a signal on the uplink and the downlink sides of Iridium communications satellite according to the model of a travelling wave tube amplifier (TWTA) using the Saleh model.
For a typical TWTA, the reflected wave in the slow wave structure (SWS) from the impedance mismatch at the input and output couplers could cause instability and feedback oscillations that affects the efficiency of the tube.
Parameter Value Transponder operation band 14/12 GHz Noise bandwidth 46 MHz Satellite antenna gain-to-noise -1.6dB/K ratio Satellite saturation [EIRP.sub.s] 44 dBW Satellite TWTA [BO.sub.i] 11 dB Satellite TWTA [BO.sub.0] 6 dB Earth station transmit antenna 57.6 dB gain Earth station receive antenna 56.3 dB gain Earth station carrier power fed to 174 W antenna Maximum uplink and downlink 37,506 km slant range System noise temperature [T.sub.s] 160 K Uplink tracking loss 1.2 dB Downlink tracking loss 0.9 dB Interference into or from Negligible adjacent satellite, terrestrial interference, etc.
The RF fields acting on the electron beam propagating in the slow wave structure (SWS) of a TWTA can be represented in the form of a product as
The payload uses a high power S-Band TWTA and a new technology 6m unfurlable antenna.
Para lograr lo anterior debe reducirse la potencia de entrada, lo que en un TWTA (amplificador con base en tubos) tipico representa un derroche de la potencia disponible.
The TWTA has the RF power to provide high data rate links in the K-band satellite-to-earth frequency allocation.
Put together, these two devices make up the crucial working part of a satellite - the travelling wave tube amplifier (TWTA).
Traveling-wave tube amplifiers (TWTA) that provide high broadband power are limited to about a 4 to 1 bandwidth.