TWTSTraining With The Soldier
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Teledyne TWTs are found on nearly all major Electronic Warfare, Radar, and Communication platforms of the US and its allies throughout the world.
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Total combat times: total combat time (TCT), total pause time (TPT), and total work time (TWT)--total work time in stand-up judo (TWTS) and total work time in ground judo (TWTG).
Besides magnetrons, some of the articles also report results using Traveling Wave Tubes (TWTs), klystrons and gyrotrons, which yielded interesting results but aren't practical to implement from an economic point of view [3].
Alys (S4C, 9pm) Mae Ron yn palu twll anferth i gladdu'r ci bach, a Debbie yno'n llawn gofid yn meddwl am Twts a'r lluniau ar y laptop.
The TH 4092 is said to be the first of a new generation of Kaband TWTs dedicated to the high-power Satcom uplinks market.
Replacement costs for SSPA modules also are a fraction of the cost of replacement TWTs."
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