TWYThe Wonder Years (TV show)
TWYTiptoe Walking Yoshimura (physiology)
TWYTypical Weather Year (scientific data)
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Gwasanaeth yn Amlosgfa Bae Colwyn fore Mawrth Medi 16eg am 10.15 o'r gloch, Blodau'r teulu yn unig ond derbynnir rhoddion yn ddiolchgar os dymunir tuag at Ward Aberconwy yn Ysbyty Llandudno twy law R.
(83) Tiptoe-walking Yoshimura (TWY) mice are a mouse model of progressive cervical cord compression, which is manifested by degenerative spinal cord changes, such as myelin destruction, loss of axons and oligodendrocytes in the white matter, and loss of neurons in the gray matter.
Four micrograms of total RNA from each brain region were used as a template for reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) with primer sets representing three regions of sequence conservation in flavivirus genomes: NS3-1 (EDL/Fla-U5004, 5'--GGA ACD TCM GGH TCN CCH AT and EDL/Fla-L5457, 5'--GTG AAR TGD GCY TCR TCC AT), NS5-1.1 (EDL/Fla-U9093, 5'--AGY MGR GCH ATH TGG TWY ATG TGG and EDL/Fla-L9279, 5'--TCC CAV CCD GCK GTR TCA TC), and NS5-2 (EDL/Fla-U9954, 5'--GSS AAA KCH TAY GCN CAV ATG TGG and EDL/Fla-L10098 5'--AGC ATR TCT TCH GTN GTC ATC CA) (15,16).
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For Dewi - now 71 years old - winning this championship was a lifetime's wish come true and the emo the H was colt Gw Live twy Esg T bree 100 foun Har otion he showed on receiving trophy said it all.