TWaveThunder Wave (Pokemon)
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Burattini, "Automatic microvolt Twave alternans identification in relation to ECG interferences surviving preprocessing," Medical Engineering and Physics, vol.
His initial and subsequent electrocardiogram showed ST-segment elevation with Twave inversion in the anterolateral leads.
record-breaking tempertures last month and meteorologists claim the heat twave
An evaluation of T-wave morphology, range and polarity also showed alterations: nine animals (25%) showed T-wave morphological changes at 15min and 30min of anesthesia that were related with hypercapnia; two animals (5%) showed TWave morphological changes concomitant with hypercapnia and hypotension, and four animals (11%) showed T-wave morphological changes concomitant only with hypotension at 15min and 30min of anesthesia.
Yi et al (9) assessed the complexity of Twave using principal component analysis (PCA) in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM).