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TXLEDTexas Low Emission Diesel
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By adding Clean Boost LE Diesel Fuel Treatment to their product at the refinery, diesel producers can bring their fuel into compliance with the TxLED program.
Green Plus Suitable for S15, S500 and S5000 Diesel The TxLED law, which goes into effect October 1, 2005, requires Texas diesel producers and importers to supply a diesel fuel formulation that meets the Texas Low Emission Diesel requirements.
The use of Green Plus as part of TxLED fuel will reduce all of the harmful gaseous and pollutant emissions from current diesel fuel.
BioFriendly Corporation recently announced that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has issued a notification approving the company's Green Plus diesel fuel enhancer as an alternative formulation solution when added to standard #2 low sulfur (500 parts per million) diesel to meet the state's new Texas Low Emission Diesel (TxLED) regulation, which takes effect October 1.
According to Biofriendly, the TCEQ approval means that on-road trucks, off-road construction equipment, school buses, locomotives and marine vessels that use diesel fuel in the 110 counties in Texas designated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as non-attainment areas may use fuel treated with Green Plus to meet the new Texas Low Emission Diesel (TxLED) law that goes into effect October 1.