TXMTransaction Management
TXMTechnology Transition Model
TXMTransmit Module (electronics)
TXMTouchpoint Experience Management (customer relationship)
TXMTechnology Export Management (est. 1995; Fort Worth, TX)
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Similar to procedures as applied to normal states of climate changes and WD series, temperature extremes including TNn, TNm, TMn, TMx, TXm, and TXx were decomposed by using EEMD, and interannual and interdecadal series of these temperature extremes were also reconstructed in the similar way as did for climate change indices.
The TXM peptides were effective in different animal models and were able to prevent the activation of the damaging MAPK kinases.
In this position, she still tried to favour the use of TMACS software over its chief rival, TXM software, already in use in Scarborough and Mississauga.
Textile Fabrics and Machinery (TXF and TXM): The textile clothing assembly sector, or "maquila", is crucial to El Salvador's economy as a source of employment and economic growth.
193) lists "nose": 'nf, xsm, nxr, xnfr, xnn, xtm, txm, nngrt, njrg, p/buz.
RF Micro Devices' designers have developed the RF3177 and RF3178 transmit modules (TxM), aimed at meeting these market needs.
What Berkeley Lab investigators Carolyn Larabell and Mark Le Gros propose is a transmission x-ray microscope (TXM) called the XM-2, which will harness the high energy off a beamline from the ALS's electron-based synchrotron/storage ring.
TXM Plant, which has a regional depot at Magor, provides road rail vehicles and associated attachments to Network Rail and its major contractors involved in maintenance, track renewal and infrastructure projects such as the electrification of the South Wales section of the London to Swansea line.
Transmission x-ray microscopes (TXM) have not been known for their high resolution, especially when compared to scanning electron microscopes (SEM).