TXWTexas Xtreme Wrestling
TXWTyped XML (Extensible Markup Language) Writer (computer project)
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The derived values for indices Txi, Txw and Txj ranged from -5.30 to +5.30, -6.50 to +5.20 and -11.65 to +11.08 respectively.
The trend of results for Txw and Txj were similar in the scatter diagrams.
A similar trend of relationship was observed between Txw and USDA textural class when using the hypothetical dataset (Fig.
A second-order polynomial regression model successfully described the relationship of CEC with Txw ([R.sup.2] = 0.732, P< 0.001; Fig.
To address the insufficiency in data points, we categorised the entire soil samples (n = 150) into two equal groups (group I--fine textured and group II--coarse textured) based on fineness of Txw so that the small samples within the above mentioned textural classes were merged into one group.
A strong relationship ([R.sup.2] = 0.759, P< 0.001) was observed between CEC and Txw within group 1 (Fig.
Histogram showing distribution of indices Txi, Txw and Txj derived from hypothetical dataset.
Line chart showing trend of relationship between soil textural index Txw and USDA soil textural class code.
Relationship of CEC with soil texture (soil textural index, Txw).
Relationships of CEC with Txw in textural groups I and II.