TYAATextured Yarn Association of America
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The warmth of an extended family plays an important part in Billu's life, most especially the bond with his favourite 'tyaa,' a maker of beaten copper bowls.
WHO Recommended Cutoffs for Asians, BMI [greater than or equal to] 23 kg/[m.sup.2]) Prevalence of overweight/obesity(%) Age and Gender TAA TYAA TOAA TMAA TFAA Overweight/ obesity 16.7 8.7 32.1 30.8 9.4 (BMI_25) Overweight/ obesity 30 18.1 52.6 52.6 18.1 (BMI_23) TAA: total Asian Americans (N=227) TYAA: total young Asian Americans (N=149) TOAA: total old Asian Americans (N=78) TMAA: total male Asian Americans (N=78) TFAA: total female Asian Americans (N=149) Note: Table made from bar graph.
The tragedy followed another two weeks ago, in which a man drowned in River Tyaa in the same subcounty following heavy rains.