TYLCDTomato Yellow Leaf Curl Disease
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According to the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV), a complex of more than 12 different viral species and their strains are found to be linked with TYLCD (Fauquet et al., 2008).
In Oman TYLCD is associated with six begomoviruses but the most prevalent virus is TYLCV-OM which is found associated with almost all cases of the disease (Khan et al., 2014).
The range of symptom severity on tomato plants infected with TYLCD under field conditions varies from mild to severe.
Plasmid and TNA from tomato plants infected with TYLCD was estimated by the formula E = [10-1/slope]-1, were 97.8% (slope: -3.367) and 98.58% (slope: -3.353), respectively.
TYLCD has become the major limiting factor for tomato production in many warm and temperate regions worldwide by developing new recombinants.
The recent advancement of molecular diagnostic systems during the past few years has enabled rapid diagnosis of TYLCD in field.
Green chemistry was developed for the detection and quantification of TYLCV-OM and successfully applied on TYLCD affected tomato plants from a field showing different severity scales.