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TYMNETTimeshare Incorporated Network
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Secondy, the clustered switches were backed up by an automatic port switching system built into each Tymnet Engine.
Is there a TELENET or TYMNET packet-switching node?
BT Tymnet provides services such as adaptive alternate routing, allowing a company to minimize risk because its data is automatically and transparently re-routed around a line or link failure.
In addition, several PBXs can offer gateways to public data networks such as Tymnet and Telenet.
This includes both Tymnet charges and connect time on the VAX-11/780.
The service is currently accessible through the public telecommunications networks provided by CompuServe Network Services, BT Tymnet, and SprintNet and will soon be available through the Internet.
Further, it is not necessary to dial long distance to the host computer because special data communications carriers, such as TELENET and TYMNET, offer users the ability to connect to host computers using their dial-up option.
and the network nodes operated by BT Tymnet to provide value-added data services in 18 other countries--this represents an increase of seven in the last year.
A major advantage is multiple (virtually unlimited) caller access using the Telenet or Tymnet dial-up network.
We initially traced it to a nearby dial-up Tymnet port, in Oakland, California.
British Telecom, owners of Tymnet, have taken over Dialog's private Dialnet telecommunication network.