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TYPOTypographical error
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The art of dreaded typos brings out the meaningless genie in each of us.
We in the newspaper business know all too well about typos, so perhaps we're more understanding of the problems than some legislators.
Thanks to a numerical typo in a voice mail script, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services referred Medicaid patients to a phone-sex phone number for nearly a week, the Associated Press reports.
The headline was supposed to read "Women of the Year," but because of a typo, it read instead, "Omen of the Year.
A typo occurred in the article entitled "Slow Foods Movement" that deems correction.
Please tell me that naming FDR's Labor Secretary as a man (Francis) was a typo (NCR editorial, Feb.
We did see it before you wrote but, unfortunately, not in time to fix the typo.
From the Editor: Doris Walton, Cape Canaveral, FL, caught an important typo that was missed in proofing the Hill Bulletin, p.
Mistakes can happen, so we lose a point for every typo or dangling modifier you catch each month.
The term "B2B e-marketplaces," which would once have seemed an egregious typo, now conjures up an entirely new field of play for collaborative, or "coopetitive," businesses (see "The B2B Debate: Private vs.
Tenders are invited for Invitation to tender for the conclusion of an evb-it service agreement for the migration of the internet pages of the thuringian state chancellery from cms lmperia to typo 3 (while changing the design and the provider) and providing services around the new website of the thuringian state chancellery
Upon realizing that she did commit a typo, Perry deleted the tweet and posted the same message but with the correct hashtag.