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TYRTyrosine (Amino Acid)
TYRTyrone (Amtrak station code; Tyrone, PA)
TYRTyrosinemia (types I, II and III)
TYRTen Year Review (various organizations)
TYRThe Young Riders (TV show)
TYRTyler, TX, USA - Pounds Field (Airport Code)
TYRTampereen Yliopiston Roolipelaajat (Finnish: Role-Players of Tampere University; Tampere, Finland)
TYRTyrolean Airways Austria (ICAO code)
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derived oxidants), and halogenated Tyr products such as 3-chlorotyrosine (Cl-Tyr) or 3-bromotyrosine (Fig.
Infusate and arterial plasma concentrations of catechols were assayed (7), and hemodynamics were assessed before and during intravenous TYR infusion [6.
Anyone wanting to donate cash can make cheques payable to Tyr Capel Animal Sanctuary at Coed Cae , Tirphil, New Tredegar, NP24 6HJ.
These results constitute the basis for the assumption that no generalizations can be made concerning the prognostic value of the TYR test.
We therefore aimed to evaluate AChE activities in the erythrocyte membranes from patients with PKU and to correlate the enzyme activities with blood concentrations of the biogenic amines A, NA, DA, and 5HT as well as with the precursors Tyr and Trp.
This is achieved by regular measurement of blood Phe and Tyr concentrations.
To meet this identified need, the Newborn Screening Quality Assurance Program operated at the CDC in Atlanta, GA produced 1300 six-pool sets of multianalyte DBS candidate amino acid reference materials (AARMs) (11) by dividing a single batch of mixed-donor blood of measured hematocrit into six pools; enriching the pools with pure amino acids to cover the usual analytic ranges of Phe, Leu, Met, Tyr, and Val; and dispensing 100-[micro]L spots of the blood pools onto Schleicher & Schuell (S&S) Grade 903 blood-collection paper.
NNA - 3/3/2012 - A group of European parliamentarians headed by member of the European parliament Rudy Kratza conferred with Gabi Layyoun the Culture minister over tentative guidelines to a mapped Tyr cultural heritage.
NNA - 09/02/2012 Events spiraling out of control in Syria have caused much worry of negatively effecting domestic security in neighboring Lebanon, a thing which MP Ali Khreiss categorically ruled out Thursday during a meeting with Palestinian Popular Struggle Front in southern city of Tyr.