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TYRETrace Your Route Everywhere (global positioning satellite receivers software)
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One was annoyed because his left pedal had come off, and the other because his tyre had become deflated, small and indeed negligible accidents by Bun Hill standards, due entirely to the ungentle handling of the delicate machines entrusted to them--and they failed to see clearly how they put themselves in the wrong by this method of argument.
They had come up the hill in the twilight; Bert was anxious to get as far as possible before he lit--or attempted to light, for the issue was a doubtful one--his lamps, and they had scorched past a number of cyclists, and by a four-wheeled motor-car of the old style lamed by a deflated tyre.
I DID save the front wheel," he said; "you'd have had that tyre catch, too, if I hadn't kept turning it round.
Bank Holiday times always bring out old stored-away vehicles and odd people; one saw tricars and electric broughams and dilapidated old racing motors with huge pneumatic tyres.
Since tyres play such a critical role in safety and comfort, we thought of reaching out to women with a view to spread the message of tyre safety to entire families," said Rajiv Budhraja, Director General ATMA.
However the high cost of new tyres has led many to resort to buying second hand tyres from street tyre and puncture repair vendors.
Nokian Tyres supplies innovative tyres for cars, trucks and special heavy machinery mainly in areas with special challenges on tyre performance like snow, forests and harsh driving conditions in different seasons.
One of the world's most trusted and preferred tyre brands - Yokohama Tyres has an array of tyres designed to make your time on the road secure and memorable.
Such is the plight of the indigenous tyre manufacturers that in the huge local market, their share is now just a puny 25 percent.
The campaign was open from 8am to 2pm, where Bridgestone's professionally trained technical team drew attention of motorists towards the importance of regular tyre check, maintenance, observing road safety, among others topics.
In line with the UAE's vision of keeping the roads safe, a Germany-based tyre company, in cooperation with RoadSafetyUAE, has rolled out an 'intelligent system' for monitoring commercial and fleet service tyres on Thursday.
Every year, tyre blow-outs lead to several road accidents in the country, with many cases reported particularly during summer.