TYRLTyrosinase-Like (protein)
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Frostweed usually has been viewed as a species typical of middle stages of succession (Tyrl et al., 2008), but a study (Thompson and McKinney, 2006) of various successional stages in a river bottomland forest in the Nashville Basin of Tennessee with similar composition and structure to the one reported herein reported frostweed to be associated with higher seral states.
Burrows (veterinary toxicology) and Tyrl (botany, both Oklahoma State U.-Stillwater) have reorganized information from their 2001 Toxic Plants of North America to serve the needs of veterinarians, pathologists, and others who are presented with a suite of clinical and/or pathological signs that they often must relate to a specific toxic plant or plants.
The data show that after treated with EVn-50 or VB1, the expression of cyclin B1 was significantly increased, which was accompanied with elevated phosphorylation of Cdkl at Tyrl 5 (Fig.
Tyrl (Emeritus Professor of Botany, Oklahoma State University and Coordinating Editor of the Flora of Oklahoma project) is a massive and seminal 1390 page illustrated compendium providing up-to-date information on wild as well as cultivated toxic plants found on the North American continent.
The Baron Fork Watershed is described as Ozark Highlands and contains oak (Quercus spp.)-hickory (Carya spp.) and oak-pine (Pinus spp.) forest types (Tyrl et al., 2002).
We identified each plant type to the lowest possible taxonomic level using dichotomous keys listed in Waterfall (1969), Hitchcock (1971), Great Plains Floral Association (1986), Tyrl et al.