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It wasn't until he was in a meeting to prepare for the arbitration hearing that Tysk told the firm he'd changed the notes -- but then the firm kept quiet about it.
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Dagerman's other writings include a collection of stories, Nattens lekar (1947; The Games of Night); Tysk host (1947; German Autumn), a nonfiction work on postwar Germany; and the drama I skuggan av Mart (1949; "In Mart's Shadow").
Even though Turkey recorded an 18.8 percent increase in R&D investments last year, it was ranked among worst in terms of investment in R&D by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the Turkish Confederation of Employers Associations (TySK) said in a report in July.
The foundation work for Dan Tysk in the German North Sea was completed in 2013 and in 2012 the company also concluded work for London Array in the Thames Estuary.
(Maybe someday, as an act of gratitude, his Rilke og tysk tradition [1946, printed 1959] will be issued in German or English, so that it will be accessible to the large run of Rilke scholars.) Translations of Bjornvig's own poems, heaven knows, have not been numerous, albeit P.
The Turkish Confederation of Employers' Unions (TySK) also stressed economic concerns, saying in a statement: "Our expectation from the government is that it creates solutions to address society's concerns.
The "Dan Tysk" joint venture will be owned at 51 percent by state-owned Vattenfall, and at 49 percent by SWM.
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Turkey lags far behind most of its OECD peers with regard to research and development (R&D), the Turkish Confederation of Employers' Unions (TySK) emphasized in a report released earlier this year.