TYVToyota Yaris Verso (car)
TYVTürkiye Yöneticiler Vakfi (Turkish Directors' Foundation)
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cholerae O1 rfbE, and Salmonella Typhi tyv. Controls were also prepared: a negative control containing all reagents except RNA template and a DNase control for each bacteria containing RNA template and all reagents except Superscript RNase H- reverse transcriptase.
cholerae O1 rfbE, 2 [micro]M for Salmonella Typhi tyv, and 4 [micro]M for E.
cholerae O1 rfbE gene, a 319-bp region of the Salmonella Typhi tyv gene, a 239-bp region of the E.
cholerae O1, and tyv of Salmonella Typhi were detected at concentrations as low as 5 nM, the fliC gene of E.
The target bands of 319, 239, and 179 by are clearly visible, corresponding to the tyv gene of Salmonella Typhi, and the rfbE and fliC genes of E.
coli O157:H7 and the tyv gene of Salmonella Typhi were visible in all dilutions from 75 000 to 30 cells.
cholerae O1, and the tyv gene of Salmonella Typhi transcribe O-lipopolysaccharides.
Selective amplification of tyv (rfbE), prt (rfbS), viaB and f1iC genes by multiplex PCR for the identification of Salmonella enterica serovars Typhi and Paratyphi A.