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TZCTime Zone Converter
TZCTwentse Zweefvliegclub
TZCTwilight Zone Crew (French graffiti group)
TZCThe Zelda Chronicles (fansite)
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TZC's success in expediting the phased delivery of eastbound and westbound structures hinged on precast concrete specifications rivaling any North American crossing since 1997, when the 12-mile, segmental concrete Confederation Bridge linking Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick was dedicated.
The virulent colonies appeared well-separated, irregular fluidal, dull white colored with slight pink centre and non-virulent colonies appeared dark red on TZC media.
Keywords: Banana; Blood disease bacterium (BDB); Kelman's tetrazolium chloride (TZC); Moko disease; Ralstonia solanacearum
Ten ml of Ralstonia suspension (108 CFU/ml) were mixed with 1 l of melted YPGA medium added with 5 ml of 2, 3, 5-triphenyl tetrazolium chloride (TZC), poured into sterile plates and allowed to solidify.
With regards to investing in Omani talent as part of TZC's employment plans, Abaas al Humaid, chief strategy officer, said, "We strongly believe in the importance of supporting the Omani youth and providing them with an opportunity to join the priA[degrees]vate sector.
holds TZC's largest precast contract: A $70 million order for 6,000 prestressed deck panels measuring 40- x 12-ft.
The collected rhizosphere soil and surface sterilized plant tissues were plated onto SMSA (Wenneker et al., 1999) and TZC (Kelman, 1954) media by serial dilution and direct plating methods respectively.
The bacteria were cultured in TZC medium and incubated at 30degC for 24 h.
This month's focus on C-I-P structures, especially TZC's three barge-based concrete plants, will be followed in September with visits to the Virginia operations of Bayshore Concrete Products and Coastal Precast Systems.
The TZC team, comprised of Fluor Enterprises, American Bridge Co., Granite Construction Northeast, and Traylor Bros., plus consultant HDR Engineering, was among three design-build teams vying for the New Tappan Zee Bridge.