TZGTonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects (New South Wales, Australia)
TZGThe Zitelman Group (Rockville, MD)
TZGThe Zero Group
TZGTragbares Zielortungsgerät (German: Portable Target Locator)
TZGThuiszorg Zuid-Gelderland (Dutch: Southern Ontario Home Care; Netherlands)
TZGThe Zet Guild (game)
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Supporting coordination and administrative management of the TZG Project Secretariat and Oversight Group,
Output 2: Finalisation of the TZG and execution of the Tripartite TZG Communication plan
That was how you networked, and he would surely deepen his acquaintance with the TZG VP as the two of them leaned down to pick up the same discarded plastic six-pack holder.
Naturally the jeans woman would be Dickinson's wife--who else among the Cub Scout moms would a TZG VP take for a bride?
The Melissa blue butterfly (Lycaeides melissa melissa) was selected as a model species to perfect breeding techniques, and it successfully bred and overwintered at the TZG with no apparent problems.
(26.) Pinheiro RS, Torres TZG. Uso de servicos odontologi cos entre os estados do Brasil.
the detailed requirements of the contracting entity for the above-mentioned product are described in technical specification no tzg 71.2866.17 - annex to the documentation.
Lot 2 cable tzg cable 1240,9 m 330 cable 741,2 m 330 1 set, 14 500 byn
detailed requirements of the assignor for the above-mentioned product are described in "technical specification tzg 71.2704.17" - annex to the documentation.
(8.) Pinheiro R, Torres TZG. Access to oral health services between Brazilian States.