TZHTransportnet Zuid Holland (Dutch: South Holland Transmission)
TZHThe Zombie Hunters (webcomic)
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The complex is molecular, dimeric, and prepared by the reaction of trimethylaluminum (TMA) with free tzH. This reaction proves that sufficiently bulky 4,5-disubstituted-1H-1,2,3-triazole ligands can be used to synthesize new and interesting molecular complexes and should set the foundation to expand the study of the coordination of these poorly researched ligands.
TzH was prepared according to literature [51] and was used for the preparation of complex 1 as described below and illustrated in Figure 2.
Complex 1 was synthesized by reacting Al[(C[H.sub.3]).sub.3] and tzH in a 1:1 ratio.
Companies mentioned include HOT, PAH, NRSCY, ARE, SLG, TZH, GVE, PSA, MT, FUR.
Contract notice: Vgv, Komzet nltec in the tzh lneburg, Equipment, Block 1
Contract notice: vgv, tzh stade, digitization 2nd block
Contract notice: vgv, tzh knigslutter, safety and care.
Safety and care at the tzh knigslutter for 4 years: - presentation of an employee for the day shift, - provision of an employee for the night shift.