TZITechnologie-Zentrum Informatik (German: Center for Computing Technologies, University Bremen)
TZITime Zone Information (software)
TZITransition Zone Index
TZITrans Zambezi Industries, Ltd. (Zimbabwe)
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Starring: Awkwafina, Shuzhen Zhao, Diana Lin, Tzi Ma
Je ne m'attarde pas dans la ville ocre, le temps d'un rafraichissement et de quelques telephones puis j'aborde la montee en prenant la route nationale 203, celle qui traverse justement le Haut Atlas par le biais du col de Tzi N'test.
Studies in this field were carried out by Austrian TechCenter, Gespag Oo, in concert with Professor Michael Lawo at the TZI Centre for Computing Technologies at the University of Bremen.
For micro morphological analysis of native and Blum colored products 200 sperm were counted and measured, the percentage of ill-defined cells was determined, the teratozoospermic index was calculated--the number of defects divided by pathological spermatozoa number (TZI).
Other parameters including transitional zone volume (TZV), TZI, IPP, prostate configuration, and prostatic urethral angulation (PUA) have been investigated as possible age-related factors affecting bladder emptying [1,15-17].
The Shin Bet identified the suspect as Mohamed tzi, an Islamic Jihad militant behind last year's bus bombing of Tel Aviv during Israel's military offensive on the Gaza Strip.
Choking on my Chai Latte in the sun I followed this suggestion and found that either Mr Malik's search engine is stuck in the 80s or he has missed the many references to George "The Iceman" Gervin, a retired American professional basketball player who played for the Virginia Squires, San Antonio Spurs and Chicago Bulls, or did he just skip 23 pages past tzi "The Iceman" a well-preserved mummy of a man who lived about 3,300 BC found in September 1991 in the tzal Alps who happens to be Europe's oldest natural human mummy, or perhaps he missed the 12 George Gervins on LinkedIn, and the 23 George Gervins currently on Facebook.
The scientists -- who used genome analysis -- were able to determine that the iceman known as tzi had brown eyes, was suffering from Lyme disease, and -- due to evidence of arteriosclerosis -- may have had heart disease.
Thereafter, the Hyderabadi has a relative easy second round match as she plays the winner of the match between Linda Zechri ( Bulgaria) and Tai Tzi Yung ( Taipei).