TZLT-Zone Lymphoma
TZLTechnologie-Zentrum Ludwigshafen (German: Ludwigshafen Technology Center; Ludwigshafen, Germany)
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For SVR-12, Diplo and TZL lines had Striga with less vigor than that found in the CML lines.
CML lines and MUG-1 had significantly more Striga plants per plot than Diplo and TZL lines at both 9 and 12 wk.
Different inbred lines performed differently under the two Striga species, but inbred lines from Diplo and TZL pools were in general more resistant/tolerant.
hermonthica were generally negative for resistant lines from Diplo and TZL series (Table 6).
asiatica were in general negative and significantly different from zero for Diplo and TZL lines across all the Striga resistance traits studied (Table 7).
It is worth noting that in both of these studies, TZi and TZL lines were used, whereas in the current study a wider range of germplasm was used.
TZL has entered into exclusive negotiations for the purchase of a leading smart materials supplier, with due diligence nearing completion.
The revitalization of the aspiration system will be carried out using modern high performance filters with high efficiency TZL separation.
92% efficiency of collecting / TZL capture at source.
Tenders are invited for Boiler modernization project "SNEi ENEi EMISEi NOX A TZL V PRO BOILER Elektrarne Opatovice K2, K3, K5, K6 A - Cast: RETROFIT KOTELNY"
ZrEdlo funding): The modernization of boiler tender is part of the "SNEi ENEi EMISEi NOX A Elektrarne Opatovice TZL V PRO BOILER K2, K3, K5, K6 A - Cast: RETROFIT KOTELNY".