TZLT-Zone Lymphoma
TZLTechnologie-Zentrum Ludwigshafen (German: Ludwigshafen Technology Center; Ludwigshafen, Germany)
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E-Test for the Detection of ESBL: MIC of TZ is Reduced by [greater than or equal to] 3 [log.sub.2] dilutions in the Presence of Clavulanic Acid (MIC of TZ-Ceftazidime: 32, MIC of TZL Ceftazidime+Clavulanate: 0.25)
[S.sub.1] lines extracted from each source population (TZL COMP.1-W, TZE COMP.5, Z.
* MIC range of Ceftazidime (TZ)/+ Clavulanic acid (TZL) was 0.064-4ug/ml+4ug/ml CA.
of Non-determinable Positive Negative (No zone) (MIC ratio >8) (MIC ratio <8) Ct / CTL 94 1 3 TZ / TZL 91 3 4 Interpretation 96 0 2 Table 4: MIC of Cefotaxime for E.coli by E test (n=61) MIC (ug/ml) No.
For SVR-12, Diplo and TZL lines had Striga with less vigor than that found in the CML lines.
: The subject of the contract is the execution of the work and the commissioning of the vkb3 coke disposal technology to reduce the emissions of solid pollutants (tzl).
: The subject of the contract is the execution of the work and the putting into operation of the technological equipment for the dedusting of the coke service vkb1 in order to reduce the emissions of solid pollutants (tzl).
Tenders Are Invited for Reduction of tzl and voc emissions from the operation of production technologies.
The chemical method of separation TZL used to perform a public contract is excluded that part of the procurement is not only the equipment for the separation of solid pollutants, as well as related accessories.
Contract award notice: Installation of solid pollutant separator in Hlinsko heating plant (reduction of TZL content from original 250 mg / m to a new value up to 20 mg / m) - technology with electrostatic exhaust filter (complete delivery of electrostatic filter including switchboard, cabling, other necessary components and installation Installation of steel structure for newly installed electrofilter in the heating plant hall, new floor with sufficient load capacity for electrofilter.
Contract award notice: Palhanec mill - minimization of TZL emissions.