TZLT-Zone Lymphoma
TZLTechnologie-Zentrum Ludwigshafen (German: Ludwigshafen Technology Center; Ludwigshafen, Germany)
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E-Test for the Detection of ESBL: MIC of TZ is Reduced by [greater than or equal to] 3 [log.sub.2] dilutions in the Presence of Clavulanic Acid (MIC of TZ-Ceftazidime: 32, MIC of TZL Ceftazidime+Clavulanate: 0.25)
[S.sub.1] lines extracted from each source population (TZL COMP.1-W, TZE COMP.5, Z.
* MIC range of Ceftazidime (TZ)/+ Clavulanic acid (TZL) was 0.064-4ug/ml+4ug/ml CA.
of Non-determinable Positive Negative (No zone) (MIC ratio >8) (MIC ratio <8) Ct / CTL 94 1 3 TZ / TZL 91 3 4 Interpretation 96 0 2 Table 4: MIC of Cefotaxime for E.coli by E test (n=61) MIC (ug/ml) No.
For SVR-12, Diplo and TZL lines had Striga with less vigor than that found in the CML lines.