TZMThermal Zone Mapping (Hewlett-Packard)
TZMTime Zone Minute (computing)
TZMTommie Zito Ministries (Miami, FL)
TZMThe Zeitgeist Movement
TZMTitanium Zirconium Molybdenum (alloy)
TZMThe Zia Manual (Zia Co. Health and Safety Manual)
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Their basis is in power division and stratification, not unity and equality, which is the TZM goal.
"TZM seeks to remove this system, hence removing the distorted values that coincide and are hence imposed and reinforced."
AI: Tell us about the development of Eberspacher Electronics from Transferzentrum Mikroelektronik (TZM) and Eberspacher's strategies in the field of automotive electronics.
The FlexCard[R] offered by TZM is a plug-in interface for laptops and desktop computers with PCMCIA connectivity and can be used for network monitoring purposes.
Kawasaki came up with Ninja KRR, a sport type produced in Thailand, to compete in its market segment facing Honda NSR and Yamaha TZM. In the market the cheap type motorcycle, Kawasaki has Kawasaki Blitz, a cub type sold at Rp 8.92 million.
Both oxide dispersion strengthened alloys, such as PM 1000, MA-956 and MA-754, as well as refractory alloys, such as Mo/Re, TZM, Mo/W and a proprietary composite alloy, were analyzed in the 1600-1800[degrees]F range using ASTM E-328 stress relaxation testing.
These figures relate to pop up shops and the enterprise zone both of which did not produce any real long term businesses Jon Tzm Dea So sick of the negative doubters.
Kawasaki came up with Ninja KRR, a sport type produced in Thailand designed to meet Honda NSR and Yamaha TZM in the market competition.
Kawasaki will come up with Ninja KRR a sport type produced in Thailand to meet Honda NSR and Yamaha TZM in competition.
Kawasaki came up with its Ninja KRR, a sport motorcycle from Thailand designed to compete in the market against Honda NSR and Yamaha TZM. Meanwhile, Suzuki, apart from its Shogun, which is still high in demand, has launched a new series of Cool to compete with the market with Yamaha Tiara and Honda Nova Sonic.