TZRTitulaire sur Zone de Remplacement (French: Replacement Zone Owner; education)
TZRThe Zoe Report (Rachel Zoe online newsletter)
TZRTime Zone Region
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I'd even bought my own bike by the end of the year, which was a Yamaha TZR 250.
I did try an M2 and also a Kawasaki Ninja 300 four-stroke machine but the TZR just felt better.
The stories on TZR are longer and use more narrative than your typical newspaper fare.
TZR's owners engage the company's practitioner to maintain the fixed-asset ledger and prepare monthly depreciation adjustments.
Part 2: Construction of Baranya County Disaster Management Directorate, Pcs Disaster Management Office and Professional Firefighter Command within the framework of project KEHOP-1.6.0-15-2016-00013 in Pcs, Tzr u.
Contract notice: mastic asphalt works, tzr, h 28-18 mey
The tzr realizes an innovative integration of basic disciplines with veterinary medicine Clinical research.
Contract notice: Insulation of technical installations, Tzr; H 37-18 mey
Contract notice: interior plaster work, tzr, h 40-18 mey
Contract notice: wastewater treatment, ve water, tzr, h 36-18 mey
Contract notice: masonry work - facing brickwork, tzr, h 26-18 mey
Contract notice: disinfectant mixing plants, tzr, h 76-18 mey