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TZSTanzanian Shilling (ISO currency code)
TZSTrans-Zeatin Secretion (biology)
TZSTucson Zoological Society (Arizona)
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Jacqueline Woiso said that according to the financial report issued recently the bank showed the profit came from interest income which increased by almost TZS 22.
This law alone, according to the Governor, has saved more than TZS 4 billion a month.
Table 3 a shows that, in total, an estimated cash income of TZS 5,134,590 million was earned in the 2005/06 farming season from fish farming, with a mean cash income of TZS 12,523.
Bank M Tanzania Plc, has recorded good earnings in the year ended 31 December 2015 with a pre-tax profit at TZS 23.
Through this charity walk, we intend to raise TZS 300m to fund 1, 764 desks for Majimatitu Primary school in Mbagala, which has 5,000 students with only 550 desks", Ambassador Semu-Somi continued.
Commensurate with the increase in the scale of its operations, the Bank will be raising additional Tier 1 capital by way of a rights issue (the 8th such issue in as many years) of TZS 20 billion.
The total value of the project is expected to be TZS 78.