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TZSTanzanian Shilling (ISO currency code)
TZSTrans-Zeatin Secretion (biology)
TZSTucson Zoological Society (Arizona)
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The government allocated a budget of 98 million TZS ($43,850) to the ATS, the working level anti-trafficking body, a significant increase from last year.
Passband Insertion Fabrication Number of (GHz) Loss (dB) Technology TZs [1] 28 0.4 waveguide 2 [2] 28 2.2 SIW 2 [5] 24 4.5 LTCC 1 [7] 28 2.6 CMOS 2 This work 28.1/31.1 2.1/2.5 PCB 5 Ref.
[32] TZS (Tanzania Bureau of Standards), "Microbiology of food and animal feeding stuffs-method for enumeration of microorganisms--colony count technique at 30[degrees]C," Tanzania Standards Specification, vol.
Jacqueline Woiso said that according to the financial report issued recently the bank showed the profit came from interest income which increased by almost TZS 22.3 billion to TZS 94.7 billion at the end of last year.
Similar to a multicenter study of the German colposcopy network including 3,761 patients [30], our results show that TZs were under different distribution due to age; the greater the age, the higher the proportion of Type 3, which was the most common type in women >50 years of age (98.94%).
Total assets grew to TZS 889.11bn ($404m) as at the 31st March 2016, registering an annualised growth of 18% over the March 2015 level, retaining our position among the top 10 large banks in Tanzania.
Selectivity is another critical issue for BPFs and can be improved by introducing TZs near the passband.
It was not a very happy time, as at 1st December 1997 the bank had made a loss of TZS 2bn ($1.2m).
A T-shape stub-loaded resonator is attached to the center of this modified SIR and can generate two more resonate modes and two TZs simultaneously.
The biggest emphasis of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS), Chamber of Trade Crafts and Small Business (OZS), the Chamber of Commerce (TZS), the Employers' Association, the Association of Trade Crafts Employers and the Manager Association is on creating a climate friendly to business.
Loss of TZs [28] 12 GHz 2.0dB 11% 2 [32] 10 GHz 1.9dB 3.3% 2 [27] 10 GHz 1.98 dB 5.5% 3 [37] 10 GHz 1.65 dB 3.4% 3 This work 10 GHz 1.93 dB 3.2% 4 Refs.
Shared outrage and erratic awards: The psychology of punitive damag tzs. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 16, 49-86.