TZTTe Zijner Tijd (Dutch: in Due Time/Course)
TZTTorhoutse Zwemclub Thor (Dutch swim club)
TZTTianjin Zhongtian Telecommunication Co., Ltd. (China)
TZTTallon Zek Times (gaming website)
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Component % Purpose or Structure Oligomer or monomer 35.0 Component to be evaluated Ciba Irgalite Blue GLVO 20.0 Cyan pigment CD562 11.0 Acrylate ester SR492 10.5 Propoxylated Trimethylolpropane Polyester Triacrylate Acrylate 10.0 Pigment wetting Ciba Irgacure 369 3.5 2-Benzyl-2-(dimethylamino)- 1-[4-(4-morpholinyl) phenyl]-1-butanone Lamberti Alpha-hydroxycyclohexyl- Esacure KS300 3.0 phenyl ketone Lamberti Esacure 1.0 Blend of Methylbenzophenone TZT and Trimethylbenzophenone Lamberti Esacure ITX 0.5 Isopropylthioxanthone Lubrizol Solsperse 39000 5.0 Hyperdispersant Byk-UV3510 0.5 Silicone wetting aid Table 2.
Zwar ist es angenehm, Artistik auf weissem Papier zu betreiben--aber [...] was nu tzt alle Zauberei mit der Grammatik; und schriebe ich alles klein und ohne Interpunktion, ich musste dennoch sagen [...]', and he goes on to describe what happened when his fellow fifth-former Mahlke made off with a military decoration belonging to someone else:
Component % Purpose or Structure CN2285 95.0 General properties and thermoformability Esacure KIP100F 3.0 Oligo [2-hydroxy-2-methyl-l-[4-(1- methylvinyl)phenyl]propanone] Esacure TZT 1.0 Blend of Methylbenzophenone and Trimethylbenzophenone Byk-088 0.5 Silicone defoamer Byk-UV3510 0.5 Silicone wetting aid Table 6.