TZXTrabzon, Turkey - Trabzon (Airport Code)
TZXTappan Zee Express (commuter bus company)
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Generally available in April 2005, TZX 1000 offers an industry-first set of capabilities including:
To address this, TZX provides an industry-first capability called "Behavioral Fingerprinting(TM)," which includes the industry's first information theft policies.
Delivering the capability and performance that enterprises need to audit and protect critical information assets and activities in the vulnerable data center, TZX 1000 fills an unmet need in the security industry.
Founded by former Bell Labs researchers, Tizor is bringing to market TZX 1000, the industry's first comprehensive Data Server Auditing solution.
A WorkPort built into the TELE3 TZX isolates a telecommuter's IPSec VPN and secures the corporate connections with a stateful packet inspection firewall.
We look forward to deploying the TELE3 TZX as a solution to the increasing number of Cognex employees with multiple systems sharing broadband connections at home.
The TELE3 TZX delivers additional layers of protection with SonicWALL integrated security applications including auto-enforced Network Anti-Virus, Content Filtering and firewall security policies.
The TELE3 TZX is an integrated security solution that features the following: