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TAANTransworld Advertising Agency Network
TAANTrekking Agents Association of Nepal (est. 1979; Kathmandu, Nepal)
TAANTactical Aircrew Alerting Network
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But nah, shoo's taan my garden fro' me, and by th' heart, maister, I cannot stand it
who hath a taan a liking to you, and because I would not gi un my consent, he sent me a kallenge.
In a meeting organized by the opposition Sudanese Congress Party (SCoP) in the state's capital Ed-Daein on Thursday, Omer emphasized that he has nothing to do with the Khor Taan incident, stressing the need to maintain security and stability in the state.
But nipah leaves were greatly inferior to sago leaves and lasted at best 5 years (andi taan raun nipa, limo taun no, maii io ramok bonor).
Panellist Josie Nepinak, executive director of Awo Taan Healing Lodge says that change in Aboriginal communities is beginning, but more needs to be done.
Mansoor recorded 550 songs at the Radio Pakistan Multan and Bahawalpur, he said and added that " Ud wajn Kawain, Chaba Chorian da, Bochunn Doriye da, Teri sanwal aglai toor taan nai, Kahri Ghalti hoe aey zalim, Oobhay da wanjara aya and Methay meray chun waay" are his popular songs.
TaAN ar groen neu ymwelydd bach diniwed, oes, mae dwy farn bendant am y pryf copyn, a'r creadur hwnnw fydd yn mynnu sylw Elin nos Lun.
patent agent and founder of Taan Consulting, an intellectual property strategy and business development agency.
In combination, TAAP and TAAN imply a negative relationship between TAA costs and the optimal level of protection for an expanding sector.
Taan Parisse also leads her own band and draws inspiration from a wide range of jazz, dance and rock music, though she is promising some standard tunes for tomorrow.
Through our col- laboration with TAAN, we will be in a unique position to de- liver world-class digital solu- tions to our clients in the UAE and in the GCC region.
This philosophy holds a strong appeal for Kipp, who has pledged five percent of contributions to benefit the White Buffalo Calf Woman's Society in South Dakota, and another five percent to Awo Taan Healing Lodge Society, a women's shelter in Calgary, Canada.