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TOOThe Other Ones
TOOTargets Of Opportunity
TOOTheatre of Operations
TOOTable of Organization (group structure)
TOOTactical Operations Officer
TOOTask Order Officer
TOOTest Operations Order (US DoD and US NASA)
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With the increase in chemical attacks around the world, it is prudent that CBRN assets be employed correctly, sustained through their own capabilities with a possible modified table of organization and equipment change, or aligned with an FSC in order to best conduct their CBRN missions.
Cristobal at Boston, Massachusetts, all shortages of the table of organization and equipment were drawn and immunizations were given for a departure date of 5 December for points unknown.
The modified table of organization and equipment for the platoon currently consists of the brigade route clearance package, including a number of vehicles and more than 20 Soldiers.
([dagger]) Table of Distribution and Allowances: Prescribes the organizational structure, personnel and equipment authorizations, and requirements of a military unit to perform a specific mission for which there is no appropriate table of organization and equipment.
The modification table of organization and equipment (MTOE) for a TSC is still set up like a FORSCOM unit.
"We're not part of the MTOE," says Jaczkowski, referring to the "modification table of organization and equipment"--a document published by the Defense Department which prescribes the organization, staffing and equipping of units.
In addition, a battalion will be able to supervise civilians and contractors in water terminals and command, control, and technically supervise Modified Table of Organization and Equipment (MTOE) subordinate units performing terminal, watercraft, rail, and movement control operations.
The FY05 MAPL Review will use the Table of Distribution and Allowances/Military Table of Organization and Equipment (TDA/MTOE) as a baseline.
Under the new table of organization, Pat Stokes, president and chairman of Anheuser-Busch, Inc., will serve as chairman, and John Bowlin, president and CEO of Miller will be vice-chairman.
A new day seems to be dawning, with Ellen Soeteber in charge of a more traditional newspaper structure--one with emphasis on news and a table of organization that restores some of the old chains of command.
The preliminary table of organization you sent suggests it may move toward managing these product lines differently.
The initialization process includes establishing passwords, defining the type of organization and the related table of organization, choosing the printer driver and port, and defining the format for dates.
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