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TACPTake a Chill Pill
TACPTouring y Automóvil Club del Perú (Spanish: Touring and Automobile Club of Peru)
TACPTactical Command Post
TACPTetramine Copper Perchlorate
TACPTechnical Analysis of Cost Proposal
TACPTactical Air Control Party/Post
TACPTechnology Assessment and Control Plan
TACPTheater Ammunition Control Point
TACPTheater Air Control Party
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(7) The corps TACP will remain the JFACC's primary liaison for providing advice, planning, synchronization, and integration of airpower at the operational level in support of corps operations.
"By offering the MTS as a COTS system, we're eliminating the cost and developmental delay for applications that may be too small for a full-blown development program and are too complex to employ basic soldier system computers." The MTS provides interoperability with equipment found on the battlefield today and is highly adaptable for specialized missions requiring application-specific equipment, including targeting (JTACs, TACPs and Forward Observers), combat medics, explosive ordnance disposal, combat weather and military intelligence.
TACP, a provider of home entertainment systems will become an part of the Digital Products Division (DPD) of TAIS, a provider of laptop systems with the combined company now operating out of the existing TAIS headquarters in Irvine, California.
Traditionally, TACPs serve on the frontlines alongside ground forces, but with advances in technology, that is not always necessary.
It is primarily to inform the reader about TACP innovations and contributions to the greater combat effort.
And now in Afghanistan especially, because of the importance of 'air assets' in all senses of the word, FACs (Forward Air Control) and TACPs essentially do become air traffic controllers, which is a somewhat different role I never thought I would see myself doing in the Army.
The basic element of the TACS consists of the tactical air control party (TACP), which is made up of air liaison officers (ALO) and enlisted terminal attack controllers (ETAC).
Drama is especially a "highly visible form of communication" (TACP).
The first was making sure that my Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) Airmen were combat ready--physically and mentally fit for the crucible of combat.
The perfect example of our battlefield Airmen is the TACP assigned to Army units.
The USAF's Strykers will also be fitted with the standard TACP communications suite, including two PRC-117 radios, and each will eventually receive an additional Harris (Melbourne, FL) HF radio Each JTAC will also have a tactical computer, which Colonel Smith described as "basically a laptop on steroids" that within the next few months will be linked to the FBCB2 system.
TACP members--part of the Air Force's Air Combat Command--are embedded with Army ground combat forces, mainly special-operations troops.