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TASSTelegrafnoje Agentstvo Sovietskovo Soïuza (news agency of the former Soviet Union)
TASSToxic Anterior Segment Syndrome (eye surgery complication)
TASSTrusted Associate Sponsorship System (US DoD)
TASSTalented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (UK)
TASSTribunal des Affaires de Sécurité Sociale (French: Tribunal of Social Security Affairs; France)
TASSThe Army School System (formerly Total Army School System)
TASSTotal Army School System
TASSTactical Automated Security System
TASSTiclopidine Aspirin Stroke Study
TASSTactical Air Support Squadron
TASSTibetan Academy of Social Sciences
TASSTeaching Academic Survival Skills Conference
TASSTree and Stand Simulator (forestry industry)
TASSTerminal Area Simulation System
TASSThe Alpha School System (school administration software for K-12)
TASSTechnical Acquisition Support Services (USAF Space & Missile Systems Center)
TASSTarget Acquisition Sensor Suite
TASSTelluride Association Sophomore Seminars (Ithaca, NY)
TASSTucson Animation Screening Society (Arizona)
TASSTowed Array Surveillance System
TASSTilt Authorisation and Speed Supervision (UK Railway)
TASSTechnical, Administrative and Supervisory Staffs (UK)
TASSTrading Advisors Selection System
TASSTotally Agile Sensor Systems
TASSTactical Automated Switch System
TASSTactical Avionics System Simulator
TASSTactical Air Support Section
TASSThe Army Study System
TASSTerminal Air Surveillance System
TASSTactical Air-To-Surface System
TASSTilt and Speed Supervision (automatic control system found on tilting passenger trains in the UK)
TASSTactical Armed Surveillance System
TASSTrue Analogue Sensitivity Setup
TASSThreat Assessment Scheduling System
TASSTactical Switching System
TASSTowed-Array Sensor/Sonar System
TASSUSAF Tactical Air Support Squadron
TASSTwo-Arm Slot Antenna
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(4.) History of the 23d Tactical Air Support Squadron, 1 July-30 Sept 1971, in History of the 504th Tactical Air Support Group, vol 3, pp.
He examines the role of the FAC(A) in the successful conduct of CAS, noting that "most importantly with regard to this research, the Air Force's methods of detailed integration in planning and Air Force and Army interaction were significantly different at the tactical level than they have been since." He further asserts that "in Southeast Asia, unlike conflicts since, the FAC(A) was assigned to a flying squadron, a Tactical Air Support Squadron, but attached to an Army maneuver unit as part of the TACP [tactical air control party].
The tactical air support squadron would initially consist of eight permanent F-16 Fighting Falcons to be relocated from Hill AFB, Utah, with potential for expansion to a total of 16 at full operational capability.
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