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TALDTactical Air-Launched Decoy
TALDThought and Language Disorder Scale (neuropsychology)
TALDTeaching, Assessment and Learning Developments (UK)
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According to August Bickel, the company's VP of business development, the Improved Tactical Air-Launched Decoy, (ITALD) will have a turbojet engine and updates in its navigation system, including a radar altimeter, enabling it to emulate more closely an attack aircraft's speed and flight performance.
Checkerboard pilots dropped ADM-141 tactical air-launched decoys for the Harriers to target.
Air Force unit launched BQM-74 target drones and Navy A-6 bombers released tactical air-launched decoys in support of second-wave F-117 strikes against Baghdad.
Additionally, disposable miniature air-launched decoys, improved tactical air-launched decoys and legacy drones will aide in saturation.
Just in time for possible use against Iraq, the US Navy in January began receiving 20 Improved Tactical Air-Launched Decoys (ITALDs) per month that are ready for deployment in the field with the service's F/A-18s.
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