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The four-month TAFL module, launched in December 2016, provided the teachers with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and expertise in strategies for teaching Arabic as a second or foreign language.
Regarding the aphids collected in both seasons, tafl del Valle accounted for the greatest number of species, although Las talitas had the largest number of individuals captured.
Incidentally, this method of capture is used in many games, such as the Ancient Egyptian draughts-like game Seega, and the Viking game Tafl. It is called 'custodial capture' because any pieces captured are surrounded.
Colombo, April 1 -- Colombo, 01 April, ( Sri Lanka's Three Acre Farms PLC (TAFL) a unit of Singapore based Prima Group, is yet to pay Rs.1.376 billion to Ceylon Grain Elevators PLC (GRAN), a special note on the title of 'Going Concern' of the recently released TAFL financial statements for 2010, highlights.
Pan f o'r ddraenen wedn yn ddu Cad dy gynfas yn dy dy Pan fo'r ddraenen wen yn wen Tafl dy gynfas dros dy ben
It was the saddest thing I knew in Spanish and I thought it was probably best for her to learn it early" (TAFL 63-4).
Three Acre Farms (TAFL) made the highest contribution to the market turnover while the share price increased by Rs.34.70 (18.91%) and closed at Rs.53.90.
Outlining his perspectives on the poultry share run that took place in Sri Lanka's Colombo Stock Exchange at recent times, Rajapakse said that "The all time high appreciation of poultry industry related shares such as Bairaha Farms, (BFL), Three Acre farms (TAFL), Grain Elevators (GRAN) was witnessed due to the less supply from the industry where as there's a huge demand for tones of chicken in the country.
Biaraha Farms (BFL) closed at Rs.457.90, rose by Rs.26.30 and Three Acer Farms (TAFL) closed at Rs.133.60, rose by Rs.24.60 during the day.
The late African narrative indicates the author's growing preference for observation over hunting, and his uneasiness about his prior attitudes: "The time of shooting beasts for trophies was long past with me" (TAFL 117).
Carlos Baker, who died in 1987, never saw a TAFL, or UK that wasn't the United Kingdom, let alone a revised edition of A Moveable Feast which seems to want to co-exist with the original (can I offer you a double daiquiri with that aspirin?).
[On the difficulties inherent in editing and publishing EH's African book manuscript into three distinct posthumous narratives, "African Journal," TAFL, and UK, concluding that each successfully meets its own unique editorial goals.