TAGOThe Adjutant General's Office
TAGOTaiwan Association of Gynecologic Oncologists
TAGOTalalabu-Ghazaleh Organization
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However, one of the foreigners allegedly lacked proper identification hence, the group was invited at Tago Municipal Police Station (MPS) for documentation and identification.
The Comelec said Tago, who lost to Limbona in 2016, was supposed to be the winner because the latter had been perpetually disqualified from public service before the elections.
Tago was an integral part of his country's maiden triumph in New Delhi in May this year, when the 25th anniversary of the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup -- the premier team championships for men and women respectively -- were held at the Siri Fort Sports Complex in the Indian capital.
To help celebrate the groundbreaking of the Sapulpa store, the TaGO Bueno truck will be making an all-day appearance to sell food from a limited menu out of the Taco Bueno parking lot.
Tago began attacking on all fronts but errors came with such an approach.
The TagO algorithm is thoroughly described in [21].
National Express is currently reviewing on-board CCTV footage after dad-of-two Jamal Tago complained about his treatment on the number 33.
Two Japanese, Kenichi Tago and Kanako Yonekura took the men's and women's singles respectively.
Together with black American sculptor Malcolm Mooney (vocals on Monster Movie and Soundtracks) and Japanese Damo Suzuki (vocals on Soundtracks, Tago Mago and Ege Bamyasi) they have made some of the most consistent, spontaneous, expertly edited music ever laid down.
Name from the past: Former USC recruit Ray Tago of Long Beach Poly, who signed with the Trojans 2 1/2 years ago but was unable to meet entrance requirements, is listed as a second-string defensive end with Cal.
We offer our deepest apologies and promise to prevent such matters from happening again,'' said Tsukasa Tago, personnel division chief of the Chiba prefectural police.
TAGO, in partnership with the Higher Colleges of Technology Dubai Women's College, is already providing leadership through the development of a web portal on a large scale for understanding the status of ICT in the Arab countries.