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TRDSTail Rotor Drive Shaft (helicopters)
TRDSTransmission Rate Design Study (US Department of Energy)
TRDSTecha River Dosimetry System (radiation dose reconstruction)
TRDSText Retrieval Data System
TRDSTape Reel Die Sort
TRDSTrack and Relational Data Synchronization
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Compared to the original variant, the pre-production 200kg class aircraft unveiled today features an optimised airframe and aerodynamics, new fuel system, new composite tail rotor drive shaft and a new liquid cooled rotary engine.
After draining the remaining oil, it was determined that approximately 330 mL remained to splash over the helicopter's tail rotor drive shaft, as it spun at approximately 1,200 revolutions per minute within the gearbox.
02/10/2010 SH-60B HSL-44 Main rotor blade struck tail rotor drive shaft during FCF ground turn.
When you remove and install the tail rotor drive shaft covers, ask your airframe mechanic to drill a hole using a No.
StandardAeros dynamic component repair and overhaul capabilities for the AS350/EC130 family of helicopters encompass a wide range of key components, including the bevel reduction gearbox, combining gearbox, epicyclic, main rotor and tail rotor hub, tail rotor drive shaft and gearbox (including Fenestron) and mast assemblies.
But we do have to tell you that tail rotor drive shaft disc packs in your Kiowa Warrior need work, too.
This impact severed one half of one tail rotor blade and damaged the tail rotor drive shaft.
When it's time to service the tail rotor drive shaft viscous dampers, like it says in Para 1-3-16 of TM 1-1520-237-23-1, check for leaks and make sure you can see the bubble in the fluid of all four dampers.
Probable cause of the accident was that the pilot was unable to regain control of the helicopter following a loss of tail rotor thrust, which was caused by fracture of control cable during flight, followed by failure of tail rotor drive shaft.