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TAIMATraitement et Analyse de l'Information : Méthodes et Applications
TAIMATownsville Aboriginal and Islander Media Association (Australia)
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Taima is where hate-filled Emwazi began the journey that led him to the brutal murders of, among others, Britons David Haines and Alan Henning.
Others in the group interject to tell us that her husband is often in trouble with the police and by the looks of Taima, he is not providing her with a household income.
This numinous gold ink version of the Taima Mandara dates from the fourteenth century.
In this regard, another occasion of iconographic conflation or proximity was observed between the image of Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary and Taima Mandara, a schematic representation of Amida's paradisiacal Pure Land.
54) Kohno H, Taima M, Sumida T, Azuma Y, Ogawa H, Tanaka T.
established in Yongjia (China), and Case T-408/06, brought by Wenzhou Taima Shoes Co.
1930s, Louise Taima Collection, Music Division, Library of Congress.
It is our hope that Zambia will be a model," said Zambian Deputy Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Richard Taima.
Actor Adam Beach and puppeteer DerRic Starlight played host for the gala, which along with the award presentations featured performances by Red Power Squad, Andrea Menard, Breach of Trust, Leela Gilday, Kinnie Starr, Fara Palmer, Taima and the Awasisak Nikamowak Youth Choir.
So neighbour Taima Hervas-Jones opened her own home to stage his last exhibition.
Camera (color, DV), Tanaz Eshaghian, Taima Smith, Kenny Krauss, Michael Hansen; editor, Jonathan Oppenheim; sound, Tony Volan; supervising sound editor, Danny Pagan; associate producers, Taima Smoth, Anahita Riazi.
Half of the folk group Taima, Isaac and fellow band member Alain Auger won Aboriginal Recording of the Year at the Juno Awards in April.