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THBRThyroid Hormone Binding Ratio
THBRTake-Home Baby Rate (fertility)
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The take-home baby rate was also significantly lower in the study group compared with the control groups (13.5% vs.
Nevertheless, the clinical pregnancy rates and take-home baby rate did not differ, in a similar manner with the previous study, which compared TSH values of 2.5 vs.
Pregnancy rates by egg donation in Turner syndrome patients are about half that typically seen in an otherwise healthy infertile woman, according to numerous sources; with a take-home baby rate of about 18%.
Unlike assisted reproductive technologies, which are alienating, cost upwards of $7,000 per cycle, and have a 17%-22% take-home baby rate, FAM is natural and cooperative.
In terms of both conception and take-home baby rates, the test group fared far better than the control group.