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TBFTo Be Fair (Internet slang)
TBFTotal Basement Finishing (various locations)
TBFTrial By Fire
TBFTo Be Frank
TBFToken Bucket Filter (packet scheduling algorithm)
TBFThe Boston Foundation (Boston, MA)
TBFThe Beat Fleet (Croatian hip-hop band)
TBFTurbo Boost Function
TBFTemporary Block Flood
TBFTurbo Fax
TBFThe Billfish Foundation
TBFThe Budget Fashionista
TBFTotal Body Fat
TBFTemporary Block Flow
TBFTime Between Failures
TBFTurkiye Basketbol Federasyonu
TBFTotal Batters Faced (baseball statistic)
TBFTampa Bay, Florida
TBFThree Bags Full
TBFTo Be Freaky
TBFThe Bridge Fund (Washington, DC)
TBFTriple Butterfly (gaming)
TBFTo Be Fair
TBFTrès Basse Fréquence (French: Very Low Frequency; France)
TBFTick-Borne Fever
TBFTransferts Banque de France (French: Bank Transfers of France; finance)
TBFThe Benjamin Foundation (Norfolk, UK)
TBFThe Belmore Family (nation states)
TBFTaken By Force
TBFTo Be Furnished
TBFTreasure Beach Foundation (Jamaica)
TBFTrajectory-Based Forwarding
TBFTo Be Filed
TBFToilet Bowl Fart
TBFTeam Battlefield (gaming clan)
TBFGrumman Avenger Torpedo Bomber (WWII)
TBFTürkiye Bilardo Federasyonu (Turkish Billiard Federation)
TBFTre Bokstavs Forkortelse
TBFTrellian Button Factory File
TBFTurbofax Fax
TBFTotal Body Failure
TBFTaco Bar Friday
TBFThermal Balance Fixture
TBFThe Biar Foundation
References in classic literature ?
"Doubtless, my dear viscount, you will not be taken by force; and seriously, do you wish to break off your engagement?"
All he knew was that she had been taken by force against her will.
Money is not to be taken by force; there are natural limits to taxation, and if they are overstepped, a nation either rises up in revolt, or lays itself down to die.
"At first, charitable societies accepted the items from us for distribution to poor local families until they received a directive stating that Islam prohibited accepting anything that is taken by force.
TRIPOLI: Disarming former Libyan rebels could take months and weapons will not be taken by force, Libya's new prime minister said in an interview broadcast Friday, signaling a shift from previous pledges of quick action.
On orders from the crown prince, troops and armored vehicles earlier withdrew from the square, which they had taken by force through a night-time attack on a sit-in by protesters, killing four people and wounding more than 200.
Taliban had taken by force one of his 10 sheep, costing 4,000 afghanis, and a 10th of his wheat harvest, he said.
Abducted persons are reportedly taken by force to illegal places of
He hoped that the population held against its will in the camps of Tindouf gets informed about what is going on and decides its fate with freedom because "it is the Sahrawi families who suffer in Tindouf and not the polisario's leaders who live in comfort." Ould Sidi Mouloud was kidnapped with his family members in 1979 and taken by force to the Tindouf camps (southwestern Algeria).
Police in Belo Horizonte claimed that Samudio was taken by force from a hotel in Rio de Janeiro on the day of her disappearance and was strangled in Belo Horizonte.
AMMAN: The two US journalists who were released by Syria on Thursday were quoted yesterday by the paper they worked for, the Jordan Times, as saying they were "kidnapped and taken by force into the Syrian territory."
Then the window smashes and she is taken by force by Sokoli's men.